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May 2023

Bloody Point by Linda J. White

16th December 2007

Bloody PointI discovered White’s first novel in my weekly Bible study, of all places.  Our normal teacher was gone for the week, and Linda White was asked to step in.  She did a great job leading our study of Romans, and as a bonus for me, I discovered that she was a published author.  White works for our local paper as assistant editorial page editor, and in her free time, has written a mystery set in the Chesapeake Bay.

A few thoughts on the book:

  • I enjoyed the history, geography and local information that White includes in her book.  It gives the story a sense of authenticity, and made me want to visit the places she writes about.
  • White has written a Christian mystery without including a budding romance as one of the main plot lines.  Has any Christian author ever done that?  It was very refreshing.  I’m all for romance, but there is more to the Christian life than finding the perfect man!
  • White addresses the difficult subject of praying for God’s healing.  Why does God sometimes grant healing in a spectacular way, but other times he allows a person to remain sick, or even die?  White tackles this question head-on.
  • The suspense part of the book was a little lacking for me.  I felt like the “bad guy” wasn’t quite scary enough, and there wasn’t much surprise as to who it was.

Overall, I enjoyed White’s book.  It was entertaining, well researched, and solid in theology.  I’m looking forward to more from her in the future.

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