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June 2023

Two Little Girls in Blue

13th October 2006

Two Little Girls in Blue: A NovelMary Higgins Clark was the author who first got me hooked on the mystery/suspense genre. I enjoyed her mysteries, which are usually centered around an unsuspecting female, who realizes that one of the shady characters in her life is up to no good. However, Clark’s novels are no longer mysterious or suspenseful, and this one was no exception.

The story centers around twin girls, who are kidnapped from their bedroom one night. One girl is eventually returned, and the other is presumed dead. My criticisms of the book are numerous:

-There is no main character–no one with whom you can identify with or get to know or even care about.
-When characters are introduced, it is done with techniques such as this: “A recent magazine article had described her as ‘sixty-three years old, with wise and compassionate hazel eyes, a full head of fingerwaved gray hair, and a rounded body that offers a comfortable lap to babies and toddlers.’ ”
-There are too many investigators and detectives to keep track of.
-The bad guys aren’t scarey in the least–they remind me of the burglars in Home Alone.
-The only suspense in the book comes from sentences like this: “There’s a connection I’ve got to make! There’s something I’ve got to remember!”

Why did I finish this book? I’m not sure. But I know I shouldn’t waste my time reading any more of Clark’s books. If she manages to write a good one, will someone let me know?