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March 2023

Still Life by Joy Fielding

06th September 2009

I’m sad to say I wasted several hours reading this book.  I won’t waste any more time writing about it.

Heartstopper: A NovelA mediocre mystery, not believable at all, no strong character to cheer for, no evil villain to hate. I need a new mystery author!

Mad River Road

24th February 2006

I first discovered Joy Fielding years ago when I read her book See Jane Run. I loved the suspense, the plot, and the main character–a woman who discovered strength she never knew she had. As I read more of her books, I also came to appreciate Fielding’s ability to give the reader a surprise ending. Even though I came to expect a suddent twist at the end, it was usually difficult to predict what it would be.

Mad River Road : A NovelMad River Road has all of the elements that I love in Joy Fielding’s books. The weak woman who becomes strong, the suspenseful plot, and the plot twist at the end. But in recent years, Fielding has added features to her books that I could do without–strong violence, somewhat graphic sex, and an increasing focus on male main characters as crazed maniacs. Because of this, it’s much more difficult for me to enjoy her books, because I spend so much time feeling disturbed. While I still enjoyed the mystery, I’m hesitant to heartily recommend Fielding’s more recent books, as I feel that she’s depending more on the shock factor to add intensity to her books, rather than on strong writing.