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March 2023

Because the family is running out of money, Rachel, her siblings and her Pop must move from their New York apartment to an abandoned farm upstate. When they get there, Rachel’s Pop discovers that a promised job is no longer his, and so he must leave the siblings on their own for several months to go find work. Rachel and her younger brother and sister are on their own, determined to prove to their Pop that they can care for the family’s new farm. If you love historical, survive against the odds, fiction as I do, you’ll enjoy this book. It’s a perfect choice for upper elementary and middle school girls.

A sweet story about Nory Ryan’s daughter, Bird. Bird must find her way as a healer, and help her Water Streetfamily make their dreams come true as well.

At the end of Nory Ryan’s Song, I was left wishing for a sequel. Maggie’s Door takes up minutes aftMaggie's Doorer the first book leaves off. Nory is on her own, with only a few mouthfuls of food in her bag, walking to find her family and a boat to America. In spite of the horror that Nory and her family must endure, they stick together, and hope remains. A satisfying conclusion to Nory’s journey.

BricAll the Way Homek’s family lives on an apple orchard. Mariel lives with her adopted mother in Brooklyn. When the two children are suddenly brought together, they both need help. Brick needs a way to save his family’s orchard. Mariel needs to find out who her real mom is. The children work together to make their wishes come true. This would be a great read-aloud for a third or fourth grade classroom, as the story is told alternating from Brick’s and Mariel’s points of view.

LilLily's Crossing (Yearling Newberg)y’s summer is not turning out the way she imagined. Her father is shipped overseas, her best friend has moved away, and she is left spending the summer with her grandmother, and the strange boy who just moved in next door. A sweet story for younger readers, set during WWII, about the importance of being truthful with those you love.

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