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March 2023

Animal HusbandryI finished this book mostly because I wanted to see just how stupid the main character could be. The answer? Very stupid. Jane is a single talk show producer when she meets the handsome executive producer, Ray. Now, Jane knows that Ray is engaged and living with his fiance. But for some reason, she agrees to go out with him. The one date turns into many, and soon Jane and Ray are looking for an apartment together. The catch? Ray is still engaged, and hasn’t even told his fiance about Jane, and Jane knows this. Yet she still gives up her apartment and makes plans with Ray. But then (in an apparent big surprise to Jane) Ray gets cold feet and calls for a “break” in their relationship. Jane spends the rest of the book trying to figure out what went wrong and why men are such jerks.

I had a quick and easy answer for Jane by the 2nd chapter. Ray is a jerk because women like Jane let him be a jerk. They date a guy who’s cheating on someone else, assume it won’t happen to them, and then are surprised when it does happen. There’s no need to analyze the entire male species. Just date guys who aren’t already engaged and you’ll have much better luck! I’m all for a good chick lit book, but this one was a waste of time–don’t bother!


Piece of WorkA cute story about a stay at home mom who jumps back into the workforce after her husband loses his job.  Julia must deal with her guilt over leaving her son, and soon learns that her new clients are just as demanding and unreasonable as the toddler she left at home.