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October 2021

Before I Wake (Before I Wake Series #1)Rae Gabriella has just moved to the small town of Justice, Illinois. She’s hoping to leave behind the trauma of her former job as an FBI agent, and instead, to work with her ex-boyfriend as a private investigator. However, as soon as Rae gets to town, women start dying and Rae finds herself in the middle of a dangerous investigation once more.

I know, I know, the plot is gripping! I actually enjoyed this book, in spite of the cheesy story. I listened to it on CD while I was painting our bathroom, and it was good company.

Abrahams Well: A NovelAbraham’s Well deals with an event in our country’s history that I know little about–The Trail of Tears. Apparently, in addition to the thousands of Native Americans who were forced off of their land, many African Americans, both slave and free, were also forced west. Armentia is part Cherokee and part African. She and her family are slaves, and are forced on the Trail of Tears, along with their Cherokee masters. Armentia endures much pain and loss, but never gives up her dream of being free and owning her own land.

During World War II, four women band together working in a shipyard. In addition to learning new skills as electricians, the women also must cope with personal challenges and learn to rely on their friendship.  Virginia is feeling stifled in her role as mother and wife. Jean is torn between an offer of marriage and her dream of college. Helen is mourning the loss of an old flame, and Rosa is learning how to be a wife and a mother, even though her husband is serving overseas. This book wasn’t fantastic, but it was entertaining, and not quite as predictable as I first thought it would be.

A Womans Place: A Novel

The Brushstroke Legacy I need to re-read some of Snelling’s earlier books. If I’m recalling correctly, her Red River of the North series was excellent, and that was what got me hooked on reading her books. Since then, every book has been a disappointment, and I’m wondering if the Red River series wasn’t as good as I thought.

The Brushstroke Legacy tries to weave together the stories of 2 women. Ragni is a single, burned out career woman, who happens to stumble across the perfect man, and rediscover her long lost painting talent. Nilda was Ragni’s great-grandmother, who struggled to care for her young daughter and find love on the frontier. Somehow, as Ragni cleans out Nilda’s old cabin, Nilda’s story inspires Ragni to greatness. What really happens is that two nauseating plots are combined into one mess with too many ridiculous scenes to count.

On This Day

31st May 2006

Not a terrible book, but not terribly interesting either. The entire story takes place during one wedding weekend. Five women, ranging from a young single to an elderly widow, deal with love and marriage. The author did do a nice job of discussing Christian faith and values, without be nauseating or unrealistic.

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