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March 2023

True Colors by Kristin Hannah

21st September 2009

I read it.  It was fine.  It got better as it went along, but never really drew me in.  I probably won’t remember much about it in a few weeks.

Riding Lessons by Sara Gruen

08th February 2009

Annemarie returns to her family’s ranch with her teen daughter in tow after her husband announces that he’s leaving.  Her life is a mess, and the ranch is the once place where she can hope to find healing.  Nothing spectacular, but a decent story nonetheless.

Sundays at Tiffany'sA cute story about Jane, a thirty something New York single who is trying to break away from her domineering mother and find the right guy.  An easy summer beach read, but nothing that will change your life.  I mostly enjoyed it because we were just in New York City, where most of the book is set, so I could picture in my mind most of the places that the characters went.

Sweethearts by Sara Zarr

28th April 2008

Sweethearts After her childhood best (and only) friend Cameron suddenly disappears, Jennifer is lost.  The only way she can cope is to completely transform herself from “loser” into “cool.”  When Cameron reappears years later, Jennifer is shocked.  Suddenly the popular image she has created for herself begins to crumble as she begins to confront secrets from the past.  An excellent young adult novel.

What Matters Most This book caught my eye when I was in a reading dry spell–nothing good to read at home, and desperate for a little escape fiction. I finished it, and it did provide me with a break from reality for a few hours. But, they definitely weren’t hours well-spent. I just need to stop reading Luanne Rice. I loved her when I first discovered her, but after the first 10 books, I realized that they were all basically the same, and after the second 10 books, she really started to get on my nerves. And yet, I read another one of her books. . . This one will be the last.

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