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November 2022

I had a hard time putting this book down. I can’t imagine the pain that a mother must experience when her teenage child runs away from home. Claire’s daughter, Mia, was abused by her dad when she was very young. As a teenager, these memories were too much for Mia to deal with, so she started self-mutilating, taking drugs, sleeping around, and finally ran away. Claire wasn’t willing to give up on her daughter, so she tracked her down, and forcibly enrolled her in a treatment program.

Come Back: A Mother and Daughter's Journey Through Hell and BackOne of the most frightening aspects of the book was the real lack of control that Claire had over Mia. According to California law, Claire could not enroll Mia in a drug treatment program against her will, or even have Mia tested for STDS, even though Mia was only 15!

This is the kind of book that makes you hold your baby close, cherish the days when he’s home safe with you, and then offer him back to God, who can care for him so much better than I will ever be able to.

End of the Spear

29th June 2006

End of the SpearAn amazing look at the current lives of the Waodani (“Auca”) people. The author’s father, Nate Saint, along with 4 other missionaries were killed by the Waodani. Instead of reacting in anger, Nate’s family reached out to the Waodani, and eventually went to live with them. In this book, Nate’s son, Steve, at the invitation of the Waodani, chronicles how he returned to live with them in order to help them adapt to the encroaching outside world.

I’ve read Through Gates of Splendor and even visited parts of Ecuador where the original 5 missionaries lived and worked. This book gave me new insights into the events leading up to the killing of the missionaries. But more importantly, it showed God’s power in turning evil into good. The faith that Steve and his family showed in the face of great trials is inspiring.

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