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June 2023


24th February 2006

CreepersA “creeper” is someone who enjoys illegally sneaking into old boarded-up buildings to discover more about that building’s history. Apparently, there are actually real people who do this on a regular basis. It sounds wretched to me, but David Morrell actually took up the hobby himself when he was a young child, and thus began the inspiration for this book.

Creepers tells the story of 5 creepers who spent 8 hours in an abandoned hotel. As you might imagine, these 8 hours weren’t spent peacefully admiring old woodwork. Sinister secrets lurked in the old hotel, waiting to be relased. If you’re familiar with Morrell’s books, you know that he always has a “survivalist” for a main character, and this book was no different. While I wouldn’t call the book a classic by any means, the story was intense, the bad guys were evil, and I stayed up quite late to finish reading.


  1. Ah, David Morrell… I haven’t read anything of his in years. I loved “Brotherhood of the Rose” way back in high school, but I’ve been afraid to re-read it for fear that it will turn out to be not very good.

    I did pick up a book of short stories by him a while back, but have not read it yet. He seems to have shifted his focus a bit from espionage/action to horror/suspense lately. Have you read any of his other recent stuff, and is it any good?

    Comment by Andy — February 24, 2006 @ 6:06 pm

  2. Yes, David Morrell is still cranking out the books. I think he is starting to add more horror elements to his books, but he hasn’t yet entered the “supernatural” horror realm (as in Stephen King).

    I have read two of his more recent books (“The Protector” and “Long Lost”). They are both more of a personal revenge story, which Morrell also loves to write. I must admit that I haven’t read “First Blood” which is (I think) his most well-known book and the world’s introduction to Rambo. It’s now on my list.

    Comment by rpikk — February 25, 2006 @ 8:50 am

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