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June 2023

Firefly Lane Kate and Tully became unlikely best friends in 8th grade. Tully was beautiful, well-dressed and “cool,” while Kate was definitely not cool. In spite of their differences, the friendship endured through high school while the girls dreamed of making it big as famous news anchors, through college as the girls explored careers and love, and on into adulthood as they finally acknowledged the separate paths their lives were taking. Through it all, the girls disagreed, fought and made up. Tully gave Kate the ability to dream big, while Kate and her family provided Tully with the love and stability she so desperately needed. But then Tully’s desire for success at any cost finally drives a wedge between the women that threatens their friendship forever.

Firefly Lane is a classic tale of mismatched best friends. Although somewhat predictable, Hannah still creates an entertaining story. Some of the side plots that really rang true to me were the mother-daughter relationships. Hannah manages to write about the intensity and love, without being melodramatic. Kate’s growth is especially fun to watch, as she grows from a teenager, fighting with her “overprotective” mother, into an “overprotective” mother with her own teenage daughter. If you’re looking for some fun chick lit to escape into this summer, Firefly Lane would make a great selection.

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