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June 2023

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30th January 2010

The time has finally come in my reading career when I can no longer review every book that I read.  I use the term “review” lightly, as most of my reviews are just a few sentences about the book.  But even finding the time to write a few sentences about each book that I read has become impossible.  However, I still want a record of everything that I’ve read, which is where Library Thing comes in.

Library Thing is a database where I can keep track of the books I’ve read.  It has some really neat features.  You can:

  • add your own tags to the books you’ve read
  • sort books into “collections.”  For example, some of my collections are entitled Read, Read but Unowned, E’s Library Favorites (my daughter’s favorite library check-outs), M’s Library Favorites (my son’s favorite library check-outs), To Buy, and Favorites.
  • write reviews or link back to your blog review
  • rate books
  • read other reader’s reviews
  • search for other readers who enjoy similar books
  • request review copies of select books
  • design widgets for your blog

You can have up to 200 books in your collection(s) for free.  Once you reach the 200 mark, you’ll need to upgrade your account to a paid membership ($10/yr or $25/lifetime.)  So far, my only complaint about Library Thing is that I can’t find an iPhone app for them.  If you know of one, let me know!

Back to reviewing books.  From now on, I’ll only be reviewing select books on my blog.  I’ll focus on the books that made the biggest impression on me, either because they were well-written, enjoyable, made me think, or were unique in some other way.  Feel free to visit me at Library Thing to see everything I’m reading.


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