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April 2021

A great adventure tale.  Nelson alternates between the stories of 2 boys.  Tirio was born in the Amazon jungle, but raised in the United States.  As he approaches his 13th birthday, he feels the strong call to return home.  Luka was also born in the Amazon.  His approaching 13th birthday brings a test that will determine his and his family’s place in the tribe.  Both boys must face challenges beyond their imagination.

This would be an excellent book for late elementary/early middle school readers.  The unique culture and setting are refreshing, and the boys’ hard work, sacrifice, determination and love of family are to be admired.

Billy can hear spirits, longs for his absent father, and wants a place to call home.  He must survive a cruel orphanage director, strike breakers at the coal mines and life on the road with the circus before he finds a place to belong.   A great read for late elementary/early middle school.

Season of IceWhen Genesis’ father disappears on a routine boating trip, his empty boat is found floating on the lake, but his body is gone.  Genesis doesn’t know what to believe–did he die in an accident, or did he disappear to start a new life, as circulating rumors suggest.  She decides to investigate and in the process of finding the truth, makes peace with her family.  Becquets has written an interesting story, but what I enjoyed most were her descriptions of the northern Maine town where Genesis lives.  Genesis lives in a whole new winter world of snow, ice, car racing on frozen lakes, snowmobiles and logging, and Becquets makes it all come alive.

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