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March 2023

Since I am a San Diego native who frequented Sea World as a child, a book with Shamu on the cover will always catch my eye.  Of course, when you think “Shamu” you don’t usually also think “love and marriage.”  But that’s exactly what Sutherland did when she wrote a column for the New York Times about how the lessons she learned while observing at an animal training school helped improve her marriage.  She got such a response, that she turned the article into a book.  It’s interesting, funny and full of techniques you can use to improve all types of relationships.

An absolute must read for anyone who’s ever raised a family and loved a dog.  Grogan’s account of life with Marley will make you laugh and cry.  It’s more than a “funny dog story.”  Marley and Me is the story of how John, Jenny, their three children and Marley became a family

Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay: And Other Things I Had to Learn as a New MomA sarcastic and humorous glimpse into the world of a first-time mom.  You can’t take this book seriously, as it will probably make fun of some aspect of parenting that you hold near and dear.  However, every new mom needs a good laugh, and this one made me laugh out loud.  So if you’re caught in the drudgery of being a mom, check out this book and laugh at yourself and your life.  Trust me, you’ll feel better!

I just discovered the sequel…Naptime is the New Happy Hour.  As I’m thoroughly enjoying the fact that BOTH of my kids are sleeping AT THE SAME TIME, I couldn’t agree more.