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September 2021

April has been cancer-free for 5 years.  Her husband has almost completed the family’s dream home.  Life should be perfect, but April feels restless and unsettled.  When she stumbles across a tiny beach bungalow for sale, April thinks she’s found what she needs for peace.

This is an interesting, practical and common sense book about marriage. It’s full of specific things that husbands and wives can do to show their love to each other and strengthen their marriage. I know that many people don’t like to listen to Dr. Laura because of the harsh tone that she takes with some of her callers (Although, you have to admit that many of them deserve it!). Her writing style does not come across as opionated as she is in her radio show, but she does have strong beliefs about marriage which shine through loud and clear in her book.

In a Heartbeat by Sally John

11th August 2005

Although this book is part of the “cheesy inspirational fiction” genre, it really wasn’t too bad. How’s that for a recommendation? Rachel and Vic have been married for several years when Rachel decides she’s ready to have a baby. When she has difficulty becoming pregnant, she and Vic disagree on what to do, and this leads to some difficulties in their marriage. The initial plot seems fairly straight forward and predictable, but the last half of the book takes an interesting turn that I wasn’t expecting.

In a Heartbeat (John, Sally)I have only two big complaints about this book. The first one is my standard complaint of this type of book — the romance between the two main characters is quite unrealistic and nauseating. The second one is my standard complaint for almost any novel that has a character who is a teacher. The main character, Rachel, is a teacher. However, this seems to just be a convenient way for the author to illustrate how much Rachel loves children, rather than a realistic portrayal of a teacher. No wonder the general public thinks teaching is easy, if they get their information from books like these! In spite of my complaints, I probably will read the sequel. . .

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