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June 2023

Chase Walker has mysteries to solve:  Who is his real father?  What is the true story behind his foster dad’s secret past?  And, what secret is the mysterious boy called “Sketch” hiding?   The thing I loved about this book was Martin’s emphasis on the importance of fathers.  As he says, “nothing compares” to the importance of a father’s love for his children.  As a mother, I tend to read a lot of chick lit glorifying mother-love.  And of course, I know this is important, but it was refreshing to read a novel all about a child’s search for the one thing he needed most: his father.

An absolute must read for anyone who’s ever raised a family and loved a dog.  Grogan’s account of life with Marley will make you laugh and cry.  It’s more than a “funny dog story.”  Marley and Me is the story of how John, Jenny, their three children and Marley became a family

Peeled by Joan Bauer

24th November 2008

PeeledHildy is a newspaper reporter for her high school newspaper.  She is commited to following in her late father’s footsteps by becoming an investigative reporter.  When a local haunted house starts making sensational headlines in the town paper, Hildy decides to find the truth behind the wild rumors.  Hildy is a fantastic character–strong, funny and real.  I enjoyed seeing her grow from a timid writer to a confident reporter.

Where You Once BelongedHaruf is an excellent writer. His books weave a group of small town characters together in such unexpected ways. I picked this book up at the library recently, knowing that I had read it before and enjoyed it, but not remembering exactly what it was about or how it ended. So as not to ruin the story (either for you or for myself if I pick it up again in 5 years), I won’t say much except to strongly recommend that you read it.