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October 2020

When Bethany’s parents suddenly drop her off at her aunt’s house and leave, Bethany must uncover their secret if she want to reunite her family.  Definitely not one of Haddix’s best.

Cicada Summer by Andrea Beaty

09th December 2008

Cicada SummerLily has stopped talking, because if she talks, she will have to tell what happened the day her brother died.  Instead, she secretly reads every Nancy Drew book she can get her hands on.  When Tinny moves to town, Lily puts her detective skills to work, trying to discover Tinny’s secret, but realizes that she may have to start talking in order to save Tinny.

Widows & Orphans (Rachael Flynn Mystery Series #1)Attorney Rachael Flynn must find out the truth behind a murder that her brother says he committed.  I enjoyed this Christian mystery for several reasons:

  • Christian fiction that doesn’t “preach” at you is hard to come by.  Meissner doesn’t preach.
  • Christian romance without nauseatingly handsome and perfect men is hard to come by.  Meissner’s men are nice and normal.
  • Christian fiction usually has the same tired cast of characters.  Meissner’s characters are more unique.

And an aside, the main character had a 2 month old baby, which is the age of my daughter.  So I enjoyed the mother-baby sub story, although Meissner should have spent a little more time with a real 2 month old before writing the book.  Rachael’s fictional baby sleeps til 7 every morning, sleeps all night long, takes 3 hour afternoon naps, and can be bathed, nursed and sleeping in 40 minutes.  I’d love to meet that baby!

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