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October 2020

While Alexa recovers from surgery, she searches for her missing sister, uncovers old family secrets, reunites with her twin and falls in love.  A sweet story about forgiveness and living life with hope.

The Memory of Water Marnie returns home to the South Carolina Lowcountry to help care for her nephew after a boating accident.  Once home, she must confront her estranged sister and a whole boat full of family secrets.  A good “chick lit” book.  White does family drama without making it (too) nauseating.

Dream When You're Feeling Blue: A NovelI very much enjoyed Berg’s latest book. It is set in WWII America, and focuses on the lives of the 3 Heaney sisters who are living at home, and doing their part to support the war effort and the soldier whom they love. Although the girls’ focus is of course on their boyfriends on the battlefield, Berg’s story really shows the love the sisters have for each other, the strength found in family, and the beauty of self-sacrifice.

This Isn\'t About the MoneyJaney is severely injured in a car accident, and her parents are killed. Janey and her little sister must then go to live with their grandpa and great-aunt. Immediately, Janey’s sister seems to forget about their parents, and Janey’s aunt is focused on suing and getting money. Janey makes it her mission to help her sister remember their real family, but at the same time, Janey must learn to cope with her memories of the accident, and with the realities of her new life.

Rose Nolan and her family immigrate to the United States in 1911. But before the family is allowed to leave Ellis Island, her father is sent back to Ireland with her sick brother. Rose, her mother and 2 younger sisters go to stay in New York with her uncle, but her mother soon tires of waiting for her father, and returns home. However, in spite of the difficulties, Rose and her sister Maureen are enamored with the new country and decide to stay and fend for themselves.

Rose soon finds work at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. She makes friends, enjoys her work and the pay, and is content with her new life. But when a deadly fire rips through the factory, Rose is challenged more than she ever thought possible.

I really enjoyed this book, in spite of the dread that was hanging over me while I waited for the fire to happen. The book definitely portrays sympathy for worker’s unions. Given the conditions that Rose worked in, you can see why unions were so necessary. In spite of my disagreements with much of what unions do today, I do appreciate the contributions they have made to this country, and Auch does a good job of illustrating some of these in her book.

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