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March 2023

When Willie has to give up his beloved German Shepherd, Cracker, he chooses to give her to the military, rather than the pound.  Cracker is soon paired up with Rick and sent to Vietnam, where she alerts soldiers to the dangers of traps and ambushes.

This was an excellent book. Although it will appeal to readers of all ages, it would be a great choice for middle school boys.  Cracker’s story, combined with the tension of the war and Rick’s struggle to prove himself as the best dog handler in Vietnam will draw in the most reluctant of readers.

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Amaryllis Jimmy and his brother Frank have always stood together against their alcoholic father. When Frank leaves home to join the army, and is sent to Vietnam, his letters are the only thing that keep Jimmy going.

This book was very depressing. The main characters weren’t terribly likeable, and even though you want to find out if Frank will come home safely, in the end, it doesn’t seem to matter.

An excellent book! Chau Li lived in the mountains of Vietnam. He watched his father being tortured to death by the Viet Cong, while being kept in a small “box.” When an American prisoner is brought to their village and put in the same box, Chau Li knows that he can’t let this man die too. Chau Li risks his live to save David, and soon the two develop a strong friendship. But the the horror of the war rises up again.

Chau Li’s courage and sacrifice is admirable. The horrors and confusions of war are illustrated througout the book. As far as I know, there’s no sequel to this book, but there should be.

Lisa’s dad was killed in Vietnam. Her mother served as a nurse and is still traumatized by her experiences. Lisa wants to deal with normal middle school things, but instead, she must worry about her mother. When Lisa’s class begins studying the war, in conjunction with the dedication of “The Wall,” the whole family begins to heal.

Dove SongBobbie Lynn and her older brother know that they must take care of their depressed mom, while their dad is fighting in Vietnam. But their mom is sinking further into depression, they are adjusting to living in a new town, and when their dad is declared MIA, the problems get to be too much. With the help of a new friend – Wendy – Bobbie Lynn learns that sometimes, you need to ask for help.