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September 2022

An excellent book! Chau Li lived in the mountains of Vietnam. He watched his father being tortured to death by the Viet Cong, while being kept in a small “box.” When an American prisoner is brought to their village and put in the same box, Chau Li knows that he can’t let this man die too. Chau Li risks his live to save David, and soon the two develop a strong friendship. But the the horror of the war rises up again.

Chau Li’s courage and sacrifice is admirable. The horrors and confusions of war are illustrated througout the book. As far as I know, there’s no sequel to this book, but there should be.

Lisa’s dad was killed in Vietnam. Her mother served as a nurse and is still traumatized by her experiences. Lisa wants to deal with normal middle school things, but instead, she must worry about her mother. When Lisa’s class begins studying the war, in conjunction with the dedication of “The Wall,” the whole family begins to heal.

Dove SongBobbie Lynn and her older brother know that they must take care of their depressed mom, while their dad is fighting in Vietnam. But their mom is sinking further into depression, they are adjusting to living in a new town, and when their dad is declared MIA, the problems get to be too much. With the help of a new friend – Wendy – Bobbie Lynn learns that sometimes, you need to ask for help.

Dara lives in Cambodia in early 1980. She has to flee her home because of war. Her friendship with a girl named Jantu helps her develop courage to finally bring her family back home.

This book reminds me of a movie I saw when I was little about a Cambodian family who moved to the U.S. I just can’t remember the name! The book discusses the effects of war on the innocent — is it easier or does it take more courage to fight or to make peace?

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